Arancini’s are popular snack in Sicily, where you find it in many snack bars. They are filled crispy risotto pears. They are traditionally filled with braised meat pieces, a kind of ragout Bolognese, but other fillings such as mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, ham, spinach, shrimps or eggplant are also very common.

Furthermore, the "Tavola Calda" –also known as “Snack” in Sicily, is a variety of filled pies with ham, mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes, and so on. At the moment you can only enjoy these delicacies in the south of Italy, so now the idea was born to offer the “Tavola Calda” all over the world.

We offer the highest quality standard because:

  • Keeping  the old traditional Sicilian recipes
  • Using high quality ingredients to produce our food

For all of that, stands IDDU’S FAST.FINE.ITALIAN

IDDU'S -the Sicilian figure, is the typical symbol for our traditional manufactured products.

The IDDU'S FAST.FINE.ITALIAN is a classic Italian snack bar with an elegant atmosphere, broad range of food and beverages, and well-groomed service. We have a dynamic team of restaurant and catering specialists that keep the market under continuous observation and respond rapidly to shifting trends. After all, a snack bar is a trend-based product, and needs to adapt rapidly and flexibly to market changes while retaining its specific without losing the unique identity.